L E V E N T E  S Z A K A C S



I was born in Budapest, which is the capital city of Hungary. 10 years ago, during my school years,

I became acquainted with photography in a small basement photo lab. I have never stopped doing it ever since.

Afterwards, I attended several artistical and photography courses, furthermore I had the opportunity to work in numerous areas of photography,

this way broadening my skills.
Currently I am working as a teacher and as a freelancer photographer.

My main fields: advertising, object photography, archaic photography

Former jobs, participations: Balkan Fanatik, Anna and the Barbies, Leander rising, Boor Custom, Népszabadság, 

Hammerworld, Budai polgár, Rockélet, Sony Music, Rockstation, Wild Magazin, Music Art Studio, B. Braun, Privdat, Raw Agency,...

Email: levi.szakacs@gmail.com

Phone: +36 30 945 1650